Tuesday, May 10, 2022

St. Johns Park - 5.10.22


Two things caught my eye as I approached this park -- a large grassy area with a medium-sized playground, not far from the St. Johns Bridge.

First, a metal merry-go-round....

... and second, a cement wading pool...

Kidney-shaped, even!

I can't remember the last time I saw one of these wading pools in a Portland park. As a kid, arriving at a park on a summer day and discovering that the wading pool had been filled was a huge treat (though I had usually neglected to bring a swimsuit or proper footwear.) There was one at Lents Park and one at Colonel Summers, I do remember. I believe a lot of these pools have since been filled in and/or replaced with splash pads over the years, so it was fun to see this.

I was also amused by this piece. A horizontal metal slide, with bars on top? There used to be something mildly similar at North Powellhurst School, but I've never seen one exactly like this. 

The rest of the playground is holding up pretty well, though it's getting to that "almost dated" stage.

I've also never seen a twisty-bar slide with such a wide spiral as this one...

This park also features one set of swings (two regular, two toddler-sized) and a lonely pole that perhaps once proudly held a tetherball.

St. Johns Park is located at 8427 N Central Street, not far from the St. Johns Bridge in North Portland.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Sellwood Park - 1.15.22

This was my first visit to Sellwood Park, so I can't attest to how it has changed over the years, but judging from the minimal wear and tear to them, most of the structures appear to be on the newer side (post-year 2000). There are several climbing structures, two sets of swings, a tall retro-looking (but newer) slide, a set of four teeter-totters, and a merry-go-round-ish thing that's reminiscent of a fat hula hoop. This seemed to be the most popular attraction among the kids when I was there, but my friend tells me that several years ago, her friend (an adult) tried standing on it and wound up with a broken ankle. 

Sellwood Park is located at SE 7th Avenue and Miller Street in Portland.