Friday, September 17, 2021

Reed's Crossing & Surrounding Play Spaces - Hillsboro - 5.22.21

 There are multiple parks and play structures within walking distance of one another near Reed's Crossing. This area is location south of Highway 8, west of Cornelius Pass Rd., east of Century Blvd., and north of Kinnaman Road. 

Dobbin Park, below, is home to a red barn-shaped structure and an assortment of (mostly) red, black & white features. It appears to have been built in 2019.

Nearby there's a nature-minded play space, part of the Reed's Crossing Greenway...

This citrus-toned play space had its grand opening in July, 2021 (two months after I was there). It is called Tamarack Park.

September, 2021: Google Maps has some catching up to do. Here's an aerial view of what would become Tamarack Park...

Not far to the east, Century Oaks Park has a nature-y, 1970s-era-playground vibe, but was actually built in 2019.